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If you would like to help out with beta testing FB Purity, you are very welcome. Please "Like" the F.B. Purity Beta Testing Page so you can receive news of and leave feedback on the betas, there.

Long overdue site redesign

I've decided its time the FBPURITY.COM web site had a much needed redesign

The reason the website is in such a state at present is because I have spent all my time working on keeping FBP itself up and runnning, which i think the users care more about than the design of the website as they don't have to view the FBP website every day, though they are more likely to view Facebook every day. If you would like to help out with the site redesign, make suggestions, help with testing or offer feeback get in touch via the FBP Testing & Development page

I've started by redesigning the FBP FAQ, which was in serious need of an overhaul

Click here to view the new FAQ taking shape


F.B. Purity Beta v12.7.0 - 3rd Nov 2014

Changes Summary:

Install F.B. Purity Beta:

Please test it out and leave feedback about this release on the FB Purity Beta Testing Page on Facebook,



Please Note: The beta testing period for this version is now over, and it has been promoted to a full public release. Thanks for helping with the testing! :) Please go to the main F.B. Purity installation page, to install the latest version of F.B. Purity.

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